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All the information to get to the place of the event

Lugano has a railway station, which offers a wonderful view over the city, and an airport.
The city is very well connected with the rest of Switzerland and Europe and can also be easily reached by car:

  • from Milan: 79 km / 1h 10'
    A9/E35 dei Laghi motorway, direction Como-San Gottardo
    A8 motorway, direction Varese-Stabio (via SP17, SS342 and SP3, Gaggiolo pass) to take the A2/E35 at Mendrisio

  • from Basel: 263 km / 2h 40'

  • from Zurich: 207 km / 2h 24'

A2/E35 motorway, direction San Gottardo-Chiasso-Italia

  • from Geneva: via Berna 432 km / 4h 30'; via Brig-Nüfenenpass 369 km / 4h 30'

  • from Bern: 277 km / 2h 53'

A1/E25 motorway towards Zurich to continue on the A2/E35 towards Lucerne-San Gottardo-Milan

A9/E62 motorway towards Brig, from Brig continue towards Ulrichen, Novena/Nufenen pass and take the A2/E35 at Airolo towards Lugano (closed in winter, possible closures in spring and autumn)

  • from St. Gallen: 245 km / 2h 45'

  • from Chur: 146 km / 1h 46'

A13/E43 motorway towards Bellinzona to continue on the A2/E35 towards Lugano

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