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Indoor Cycling is group training to the rhythm of engaging music, on special indoor bikes.
Given the great success of recent years, we will propose various group training sessions (both for those who have never tried and for those who already practice this sport) outdoors.

The special bikes and the instructor await you at the LBE Village in the center of Lugano. You just have to book the lesson and come wearing clothing suitable for practicing sports.

Indoor Cycling is a purely cardiovascular workout and through the guidance of your instructor with your imagination you will be able to reach wonderful places.

Thanks to the instructor coaches of Activ Fitness, present with 116 centers in all four linguistic regions of Switzerland, you will be able to discover a sport or discipline that will allow you to improve your strength, resistance and also on a cardio-respiratory and circulatory level.


To try, all you need is sportswear (trousers or bike shorts recommended) and some sneakers, we'll bring the bikes and the fun!


Saturday 6 April 2024: 10.00 and 16.30

Sunday 7 April 2024: 10.00 and 15.00

FREE REGISTRATIONS!! Offered by Activ Fitness Lugano

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