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Description of the race

A new race with special bikes in Lugano Bike Emotion: the Velomobili.  

The velomobile is an incredible vehicle, the maximum expression of energy efficiency among all vehicles, with very little energy it can make us travel unthinkable distances at exceptional speeds. So velomobile essentially means bicimobile, i.e. a cross between a velocipede and a car, with which it has in common the presence of a more or less load-bearing aerodynamic body (bodywork), but instead of the engine it hides the heart of a velocipede, i.e. the pedals, that allow human muscle strength to move this vehicle. 

The race will take place on Sunday 7 April, startingand arrive in front of Piazza Manzoni. 


Sunday 7 April 2023:

1.40pm - 2.30pm Lungolago Lugano (Centre)

3.00pm Awards ceremony

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